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Jenni Lou Russi

Born in Ohio, brewed in Alaska, Jenni Lou Russi is funny, animated, and to-the-point. She’s uplifting and down-to-earth, right-on and left-of-center. A mature comedian who appeals to a wide audience, Jenni Lou’s professional experience is evident in every step of the process, from the booking to the gig.

Jenni Lou’s comedy credits include working as a house emcee at comedy clubs, tours throughout the Lower 48, and corporate engagements. She recently appeared at the Snow Jam Comedy Festival and was the first female stand-up comedian to perform in the Fargo Comedy Festival.

A single mother who put herself through grad school as a touring comedian to become a college professor, Jenni Lou offers a unique perspective in her comedy shows, speaking engagements, and workshops. With more than 20 years of experience, she brings sincerity to the mic with laughs that come from the heart.

As a college professor, Jenni Lou’s expertise in Communication is demonstrated in speaking engagements and workshops. Her presentations are encouraging and her workshops are challenging as she engages with people who are in life-transitions and professional growth, using humor as a means to find common-ground.